Retired Military Intelligence Maintainer/Integrator with 20+ years of technical and professional experience in the Department of Defense sector. Expert and highly familiar in the configuration and repair of signal intelligence receivers, computer hardware, fiber optics, and SATCOM receivers and transmitters. A life-time love of R/C encompasses 1/10 and 1/8 scale off-road racing, fixed wing, and multi-rotor aircraft construction to include manual and autonomous flight control systems utilizing Arduino based processors, coding and applications; First-Person-View and Line of Sight flight along with design, construction, and repair. Skilled in creating and developing more efficient ways to accomplish tasks by identifying and prioritizing essential efforts within the organization.

Manufacturing operations manager of stratospheric balloons at World View Ent, and StratEx team member with a passion for LTA platforms and stratospheric exploration. Since very young I have always been fascinated by all things flying, as an adult the captivation continues as I explore the next flying feat with likeminded friends. Over 20 years of experience synergizing with talented, ambitious teams in diverse aerospace manufacturing environments, ranging from fabrication and assembly of spacecraft components to programming of CNC lasers for private and government contracts.

Commercial construction management professional, specializing in medical builds and restaurants. History in custom fabrication for set design and themed architectural install. Interests in photography and design and illustration dovetail with current endeavors in the hobby aviation sector, including FPV wing packages, aerial video/photography solutions, 3D design for components for hobby aircraft, and FPV piloting of aircraft.

Program Manager at World View Enterprises. 6 years experience with large scale, high altitude ballooning projects and operations, including the record breaking StratEx project. Avid multirotor drone racer and FPV wing flying enthusiast. 107 certified UAV pilot.

Johnathan Foulkrod is a proud veteran of the United States Air Force.  He possesses nearly 15 years of experience forecasting weather, primarily in support of unmanned aerial vehicle operations. With over twelve thousand hours working in multiple mission control rooms,  you can likely find him behind a console calling weather.  In his spare time he enjoys practicing drone piloting, reading, and spending time with his wife and two children.

Science and technology aficionado with education and work experience in mechanical, electrical, and software engineering. Recent completed projects include; high altitude location tracking and mapping system used during 2017 NASA Space Grant Eclipse Ballooning Project, antenna tracker hardware and software development for long distance still image and video telemetry. Radio controlled model enthusiast, building, driving, and flying RC vehicles since the late 1980’s. Tripoli High Powered Rocketry Certification #4331. Amateur Radio General Class License KG7CCY. Current interests; embedded systems software development, flying FPV multirotor and wing models, and exploring the outdoors.

Tim Basta is an Aerospace Engineer currently employed by World View, a high altitude balloon flight provider. He graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Dept. of Montana State University, where he worked with the BOREALIS high altitude balloon group to design and test experimental payloads. To date, he has flown over 50 high altitude balloon flights. His work on these flights have included work on solar power systems, release mechanisms, ballast systems, altitude control systems, structures, descent systems, flight termination systems, landing systems, and customer interface.

Aaron is an aviation veteran of both the US Navy and US Army, with over 20 years of avionics experience in the fixed wing and rotary wing arenas. His recent experience and skills span over the past 15 years in mostly a prototype environment, including master soldering skills at the PCB level and beyond, harness/cable building, new design builds, testing, inspection, with a strong background in both the electrical and mechanical fields. Aaron also works with World View and loves the team, now putting his avionics skills to the test in the stratosphere. His passions include fast motorcycles, FPV flying, and last but certainly not least, his 6 year old daughter and any memories they make together.

 Tucson,AZ | atron73@gmail.com | Tel: 520-289-9226

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